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Takefile Premium Account

What Gives The Takefile Premium Account?

– Unlimited download speed.
– No advertisements.
– Download resumed on reconnect.
– Simultaneous Download Up To 8 Files.
– No downloads delay.
– And many more…

What is the speed I would have if I use PREMIUM?

Speed of downloading the file using a PREMIUM average of 100 Mbit / sec., But only if your channel is this capable.

After complete your order, please follow these instructions:


Police Shut Down

Police Shut Down

Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation has confirmed the shutdown of the country’s most popular pirate site, The streaming portal was shut down following a request from the Motion Picture Association. The site’s operator, a 22-year-old man, was arrested earlier in the week and has yet to be charged.

With millions of views per day, was one of the largest pirate sites on the Internet, particularly popular in south-east Asia.

In the west, the site doesn’t ring a bell with most people. In Thailand, however, it was listed among the top 15 most visited websites in the country, only beaten by Google, YouTube, and a few others.

The site’s popularity didn’t go unnoticed by Hollywood. Earlier this year the MPA listed the site in its yearly overview of notorious pirate sites, which it submitted to the US Trade Representative.

“The site provides access to an array of movie and TV content and comes replete with high-risk ads with malware,” the group wrote.


Huge Anti-Piracy Operation

Huge Anti-Piracy Operation in Brazil Targets Hundreds of Websites & Apps

A massive operation in Brazil has seen police across the country take action against hundreds of ‘pirate’ websites and apps. The Ministry of Justice initially said that ‘suspensions’ had hit 136 sites and 100 apps but that number has continued to grow. Authorities state that they received assistance from US authorities including ICE and the Department of Justice.

Authorities in Brazil have periodically attempted to disrupt piracy in the region, including actions such as Operation Copyright that targeted a large private torrent site in January.

Last Friday, however, it became clear that a much more ambitious operation had begun. Codenamed Operation 404 after the HTTP error of the same name, the action was announced by Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

During an early press conference detailing progress thus far, the Secretariat of Integrated Operations (Seopi) revealed that “136 websites and 100 applications” had already been suspended alongside the execution of 30 search and seizure warrants.

“After four months of investigation, it can be said that the action is a milestone for piracy in the country, which causes various damages to society,” said Alesandro Barreto, coordinator of Seopi’s Cyber ​​Operations Laboratory.

“I don’t know of another operation that has blocked so many apps and websites in one day. This is a very clear message and that the judicial police, through the integrated operation with Seopi, will act against this crime that cannot be tolerated.”

The authorities did not release the names of any websites or applications targeted nor specifically detail what “suspension” means in the context of any specific case. Suspensions can take many forms, from serious ones (raids and equipment confiscations, for example) through to ones that have a more limited long-term impact, such as blocking or domain seizures.


SEO Traffic and Sales

As you know K2S video files apart downloaded, can also be watched online. We recommend to integrate the video player to your web site for generating more Premium PRO sales.

How it will help you:

  • More search traffic (our test showed, all websites who added video player, received more paying CEO traffic)
  • Your site will stand out from others, visitors will more often bookmark your site
  • The user remains on your site (he can watch all videos without leaving your site)
  •  You will start to monetize mobile traffic better. (example: how your posts will be shown on the phone
  • Will bring more Premium PRO Sales

How to add a video preview to my site?

Before adding a video preview to your site, make sure that it is added to the My Sites list

If the user has a Premium PRO on k2s, he will be able to watch the full video on your site.


Filehost Types - Software File Hosting, Personal File Storage, One Click Hosting

Filehost Types

Since all of us are using computers, then it’s very important to look for brilliant and practical ways on how to store important files – be it for personal or commercial use. Physical storage devices are one of the most popular solution for this, but as the Internet continues to evolve, the use of file hosting providers become more practical.

For those who are not familiar with a Filehost service, the best way to describe this is that it’s actually one of the best ways to store files online. It’s a type of Internet service capable of holding even the biggest file there is. That means data store through them can be used not only by the uploader, but it can also be shared with others as well. The users also have the privilege of using or recovering the uploaded data through HTTP or FTP. This data can be almost any type, ranging from images, videos, audios, data files, e-books, and many more That’s why it’s perfect not only for personal use, but for professional use as well. There are a lot of service providers that offer this for free, but if you really want to get the most of it, applying for a premium account is highly advised. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of benefits which you don’t normally get with a free account.


Filehosting Founded Download limits Alexa Price 2010 1 TB / Mon 979 30 Days – $14.99 2012 30GB / Day  1306 33 Days – €11.9 2016 50GB / Day 4640 30 Days – $15.9 2014 20GB / Day 2999 30 Days – $16.95 2009 100 GB / Day  1435 30 Days – €3 2014 1TB / Mon  30,4k 30 Days – $12.99 2012 1TB / Mon  76,3k 30 Days – €20 2007 100GB / Day  4,17k 30 Days – €10.00 2011 50GB / Day  16,4k 1 Year – €39.95 2015 30GB / 3 Day  36,2k 30 Days – $19.9 2014 20GB / Day  14,1k 30 Days – $16.95 2014 40GB / 4 Day 5,77k  30 Days – $14.95 2010 25GB / Day  9,03k 25 Days – $9.95 2009 25GB / Day  1,51k 25 Days – $9.95 2015 65GB / 2 Day  29,9k 30 Days – $14.95 2014 25GB / Day  2,46k 30 Days – $12 2016 65GB / 2 Day  27,7k 30 Days – $19.99 2014 20GB / Day 112k  30 Days – $17.99 2016    16,7k 30 Days – $12 2012 20GB / Day 40,3k 33 Days – €11.95 2015 35GB / Day 21,1k 30 Days – €11.95 2017   254k  30 Days – $14.96 2018 20GB / Day  274k 30 Days – $11.95 2018 Unlimited  12,1k 30 Days – $10 2015 40GB / Day  59,1k 30 Days – $13.71 2016 50GB / Day  8,24k 30 Days – $12.99 2019 50GB / Day 180k 30 Days – $17.95 2017 100GB / Day  9,46k 30 Days – $15.95 2018 977 GB in 3 Day  13,3k 30 Days – $10 2011    917 30 Days – $3 2005 100GB / Mon  1,08k 30 Days – $9.95 2010 30GB / Day   – 30 Days – € 8.92 2017 25GB / 3 Day  32,5k 30 Days – $14.95 2013 31 GB in 3 Day 93,1k 30 Days – $19.95