What are the benefits of Takefile Premium Account/Voucher/Coupon via Paypal Reseller?

Takefile Premium Account

What Gives The Takefile Premium Account?

– Unlimited download speed.
– No advertisements.
– Download resumed on reconnect.
– Simultaneous Download Up To 8 Files.
– No downloads delay.
– And many more…

What is the speed I would have if I use PREMIUM?

Speed of downloading the file using a PREMIUM average of 100 Mbit / sec., But only if your channel is this capable.

After complete your order, please follow these instructions:

1. You will receive a voucher / key like this: 828oqzcunt2ncl9ci

2. Log into your account (If you haven’t account, you just need to register https://takefile.link/user_registration)

3. Make sure you are logged in, then open page: https://takefile.link/user_profile

4. Put your Premium key / Premium code in “Apply Premium Key” and click on “Apply”


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    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How quickly will I get my code right now if I pay now?
    You will receive your Premium access code IMMEDIATELY to your email.

    2. Will I get charged more than once?
    NO. Your Payment is a one off. We don’t do recurring payments at Bargain Premium.

    3. What if I do not receive my premium access code?
    This is very rare to not receive your access code on purchase, However if our system suspects your payment as fraudulent it might hold the goods until we manually review it. This should take no longer then 24 – 48 hours.

    4. How do I avoid fraudulent payment check?
    Our system checks your Billing address and Name to the card used, Also the CCV number must be correct.

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