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I haven’t been friends with the Google for a long time 4-5 years, or maybe more, he took the traffic and that’s it. At first I tried to get its location back by canceling links and ordering different audits, I thought maybe looking from the outside would help find a problem, but everything was nonsense. I tried to order promotions, also did not help. SEO-managers constantly had some kind of absenteeism: like, algorithms have changed or you need more time.

After some time, he decided to close all projects and open one from scratch to devote time only to him.

Now, he’s two years old! The site has about 2k news, traffic from yandex 30k, from Google again zero. On the second page, at the request of porn, I found several doras. Emotions overwhelmed, you try, you make a site for people, and it is not only not allowed to issue, so no one can tell what it is. On the pagespeed website, he achieved an indicator of 98%, in the validation of not a single error. Installed a lighthouse extension to find that pagespeed did not show.

The Google webmaster itself could not understand anything, the pages were indexed, but the traffic did not go. I was a little afraid to buy links, as I could lose yandex, but still decided. The chat advised the exchange Having registered, I was immediately confused, as a lot of things have changed, and I didn’t hear anything about the indicators with ahrefs. He began to understand a little. Support helped a lot in this. We agreed with Kim Jo’s manager that I would allocate a budget of $300 for links, and he would help with the purchase. As a result, during the month it was possible not only to purchase, but also to receive a discount. Kim Jo, somehow arranged with the webmasters and helped save $75. At the moment, the purchase budget is $274.80, but there are plans to get links to $350.

The graph shows that the links were purchased gradually, and many have not yet been indexed.

38 days have passed since the start of the purchase of the first link. Google traffic rose from 50 users to 3708. But not all tips for improving the site have been completed. I hope that growth will continue. I will try in a month to lay out new indicators.

Conclusion: do not get into Google without links! Use the reflink –, and feel free to ask questions in comments.

Ten days have passed – traffic has grown significantly. At the moment, the indicators are as follows:


The last links were bought on March 19, so I think they have not yet been taken into account by search engines and the growth will continue. I will post new data in a month or at the end of 20k.



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