The Excellent and Easy File Hosting Choice For You – Keep2Share

The Excellent and Easy File Hosting Choice For You - Keep2Share

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Keep2Share (k2s) is a file hosting provider that was established on November 2012 under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. section 512 of the DMCA. It became the most famous file host provider with thousands and thousands of user accounts and nearly over one third users have a premium account.


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Choosing Keep2Share (k2s) premium account will give you a lot of advantages that other file host don’t have. Keep2share (k2s) is an ad-free and worry-free file sharing with drag and drop system that can download up to 5000 megabytes of file.

Cross-platform sharing. With the assistance of Keep2share(k2s), users can be able to share files that are saved in their storage account to their friends or families. The process is super easy therefore it can be done without any difficulty.

100% protected and secured. Keep2share (k2s) guarantee the protection of every file that is being downloaded and transferred via this platform so you will not have to be worried about the safety of your saved files.

Available anytime, anywhere. Keep2share (k2s) is really a gigantic and powerful storage cloud that enables you to get your own files once you need it.

Other features can be learned below, check it out now!

Keep2Share (K2S) Free Account

Keep2share (k2s) is meant to help lose some space in your hard disk whilst ensuring that your document is safe and secured. This file hosting provider allows a totally free of service charge with few limitations. However, you can easily also upgrade to a premium account (or the best k2s premium PRO account) to enjoy unlimited access to this supplier hosting benefits.

Another thing, you can never have to devote the entire day enrolling with this sharing platform. Keep2share (k2s) offers new users an alternative of enrolling with any one of those social media accounts to save issues.

A completely free Keep2share (k2s) account always appears to attention and no demand for a superior account, however, that’s not correct. Free accounts have their own downloading rate capped around 50 KB, that will be fairly slow if you’re going to soon be downloading a document using a size near 1 GB.

In addition, you should have to wait for about 30 secs prior to your download to start. This delay is frequently utilized to watch irritating ads. Plus, you cannot download a number of files at the same time, so you have to download a document at a time, that will be very time consuming.

Lastly, another limitation can occur when your internet connection suddenly down and your download will restart from zero everytime it disconnected from the world wide web.

Keep2Share (K2S) Premium Pro Account

Keep2share (k2s) upgraded accounts consists of two premiums which can be valuable to anyone who wants unlimited access to the system. These are Keep2share premium account and Keep2share premium PRO account with many great features that are listed and explained below.

Keep2Share Features

Keep2share (k2s) premium PRO features

Stream videos online and High speed download

Watch every videos and stream all the movies you want with the Keep2share premium account. You may also have the power to keep those videos that you’d like to watch (online or offline) by downloading it with a high speed tempo. So you will not be afraid of losing some good stuff that deserves to be watched again and again, anytime, anywhere.

Extreme Download Speed

The Keep2share premium account has the maximum speed of download compare than the other account. Every download starts immediately without size limitations and can be easy to utilize.

Download Accelerators

Download accelerators features can be found only on Keep2share (k2s) premium account which is very reliable when it comes to downloading large size videos or movies. This download manager used to increase speeds by generating numerous connections of separate file segments to rush the process of download. The more extensive the users internet bandwidth, the quicker the download since web servers are commonly control bandwidth to each account to allow more users download synchronously.

Synchronous downloads

Simultaneous downloads implicates a technique regarding the best features of keep2share premium. You can have more than one download after another with just one go. Simply select the file or movies / videos that you would like to download then it will start whenever you want and finish until the last one file is downloaded. By this you can do something else without bothering to wait for the one file to download then click again to download another.

Resumable downloads

It also offers this feature which you can have the capability to resume the downloading process. It usually needed when a connection fails or let’s say you just want to pause the download. Links can be automatically assembled and will continue when there is a good connection or when you want to resume the download.

In addition, whenever your internet connection disengage, you don’t have to start from zero hence pick from where it got disconnected.

Files are checked for viruses

Downloading files or videos that comes from the world wide web can be entitled to any risk without exception, this happens mostly if people get it into pages or even places that we cannot anticipate 100% in its own authenticity. Because of this issue, the premium users of keep2share has the ability to check the files first to any risk of viruses before downloading. This will keep your system clean and virus-free.

  • My favorite files: Thinking of a platform where you can keep the files or anything you want in one place? Better try this.
  • Unlimited video preview: This features allow the users to watch previews of the videos without limits with high video quality. It opens the options to effortlessly stream or download eye-catching videos very easy.
  • Anonymous downloads: Being a safe and secure file hosting provider, we offer you the anonymous downloads feature where you can download files without revealing your actual identity and even your location. The system will hide the personal information you provided throughout the utilization of your account so you will not be fret about being discovered by any websites and systems.
  • Bigger Storage: Premium users will have a bigger storage than the free users. This features lets you to download files and save it to your account storage as many as you can. You can simply add it to your storage and you can be able to view it anytime and anywhere.
  • Max file size 10 GB: Unlikely to free users, the Keep2share (k2s) premium PRO account has the maximum file size of 10 GB which is very reliable to any huge files downloads. Without feeling of having a limitations, you can download your files directly to your account.

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Keep2share (k2s) premium

Keep2share premium account has similar features to Keep2share (k2s) Premium PRO but is limited to several as follows:

  • Maximum Download Speed
  • Download accelerators
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Resumable downloads

However, both of them are inclusived with the following Keep2share (k2s) Great Deals:

Safe and Secured – Every files and downloads are all safe and secured by our state of the art encrypted system. They are all taken care of from the moment you download it until it is being saved from your file system. So you will have a worry-free mind regarding the safety of your saved files on your account.

Super Fast – Be amused by the turbo speed when it comes to download files from Keep2share (k2s) storage cloud. As one of the features of a premium account, you can also use the download accelerators for the finer encounter.

No waiting time – Experience the ad free network where your download can start right away as soon as you click it the go button and it also finish instantly as well. Surprisingly, you won’t waste any time you have in downloading even large volume of files or videos.

Keep2Share Price

Keep2Share (K2S) Premium Prices

Check out the following prices for the premium accounts below and watch online videos and high speed download.

Keep2Share Premium PRO

3 Days Package $8.95 per 3 days
1 Month premium pro Package with daily download limit of 20 GB $21.95 per month
3 Months premium pro Package with daily download limit of 50 GB $17.32 per month
1 Year premium pro Package with daily download limit of 20 GB $11.75 per month

Buy Keep2share Premium

Keep2Share Premium

3 Days Package $6.95 per 3 days
1 Month Packagewith daily download limit of 50 GB $16.95 per month
3 Months Packagewith daily download limit of 20 GB $13.98 per month
1 Year Packagewith daily download limit of 50 GB $9.50 per month
Buy Keep2share Premium PRO

Buy Keep2Share Account

After choosing the package that is suitable for you then it is time for the paying process which is very easy because of the broad range of k2s payment method. It would be so much accessible to anyone. Also, any details or personal information, as well as the payment, that will provide will be safe and secure for they are using SSL encrypted for every transaction. Plus, the trouble-free and speed of the process is a big deal. Following are the payment method that makes the transaction safe and uncomplicated:

VISA Sofort Pay via Gift Cards
MasterCard PaySera Mobile (SMS)
PaySafeCard Online Überweisung Resellers
American Express BitCoin Local Payments

Keep2Share Affiliate

Keep2Share (K2S) Affiliate also offers affiliates program, you can check the conditions below:

  • Receive 50% commission from sales
  • Collect 40% coming from automatic rebills
  • Get 50% from hand mades rebills
  • From domain sales, gain 5% commision
  • The minimum amount for every payout is $5
  • Obtain FREE premium account
  • Payouts day is every Mon and Thu
  • Payout payment methods such as WebmoneyBitcoinCapitalistPayPal etc.
  •  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) / Web /Remote Upload

Keep2share (k2s) Review

Great hosting service. Keep2Share is just one of those record hosting websites that I really prefer. I am paying to get a premium download support because 1 year and I have been very suited to the ceremony. Notably for the service group, since I receive replies in only a couple hours. The only bad aspect would be the “restricted” 20 GB daily however in my situation that I do not actually need more power. (There’s the chance to get a superior PRO accounts for 50GB daily however, it costs Somewhat more). — Sindy

Nice service at any time. I utilize K2s support several decades already. I met completely. Very friendly and professional service staff. Any question or issues could be solved within a short time and with no issues. I suggest this service to each of a different users. Thanks K2S! — Vlad

Great service. I’ve been a regular client for five or more decades and have not had any issues. I ordered a subscription and sent on it and the issue was rectified promptly. VERY GOOD SERVICE THANK YOU! — Bob

Keep2Share Final Result

Final Words

Given that you have an idea about what you’ll be missing as a free user without upgrading to the keep2share (k2s) premium account, you are almost certainly considering on how best to upgrade to relish all of the premium benefits. Upgrading to Keep2share (k2s) Premium Users or even Keep2share (k2s) Pro account is very easy, you can utilize any one of those distinct acceptable payment procedures, such as a credit or debit card, Paypal, WebMoney etc. Furthermore, be assured that any one of these details that you provide is exclusively safe and secured, since they are using an SSL connection and after payment has been made, your subscription would be completely upgraded instantly.

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