Making Money on FinFile Made Easy

Making Money on FinFile Made Easy

Making Money on FinFile Made Easy

As you probably know, there’s a myriad of file host providers out there. Even in the most generous estimation, at least 95% of them are subpar and don’t deserve any consideration. With that being said, is one of the fastest-rising and most lucrative projects in this niche. Down below, we are going to tell you everything you needed to know about the FF platform, the user experience it offers, and various ways that you can make money off of it.

What is

As mentioned above, is a cloud storage platform that enables you to store your files and documents in a very convenient, safe manner. Top-tier hosting providers really did help usher in a brand-new era: there’s no need for you to use physical storage devices any longer! With, you can now access all of your files from anyplace, anytime, be it mobile or PC. Better yet, you can also share your files with other people.


Rightfully touted as one of the most exciting platforms in the world, offers groundbreaking upload and download speed, along with managed back-up service that consists of full backups which are large, compressed files. Thanks to this service, you can upload videos, photos, miscellaneous files, audio, and more.

The User Experience: Basic Info

There are three distinctly different options available for all the users: free, registered and premium.

The latter comes with a plethora of benefits, including unmatched download speed and complete lack of limitations. Free users can only access the provided link after waiting for several minutes and then taking care of the captcha. Premium membership offered here is more affordable than comparable services and more than worth its price. For certain files, there are additional fees set by the uploaders. They can be as low as $ 19.95 (30 days) and as high as S99.95 (720 days). All the downloaded files can be viewed and re-downloaded in a separate section of the website, further improving the user experience.


also you might buy an alternative Traffic Packages from $4,95 for 10 Gb to $39,95 for 200 Gb :


The User Experience: Advantages users enjoy numerous advantages, including:

Multi-Device Access

No matter where they are, the users are able to access/download files in the swiftest fashion. Way too many hosting platforms overlook mobile despite the clients preferring to engage with their files on mobile devices

100% Safety

All the data is depersonalized, all the files are encrypted and safe.

Convenient Payment Options

Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, WebMoney, PayPal, and many others. Users are free to choose whichever they like for all of their purchasing needs.

Premium Membership That’s Actually Worth It

Unlimited storage and downloads, no ads, no size limits, 24/7 customer support, simultaneous downloads, and then some.

The Affiliate Experience: Three Ways of Making Money

Since is a very in-demand service, so it can supply its affiliates with extremely lucrative money-making opportunities. In order to become an affiliate, you just need to register by submitting your e-mail address and creating a password. After you’re done with that, you can choose between the two ways of making money in the “My Account” section – Pay earning per sale of a file or earning per sale of a premium membership (PPS), also you can earn via PPD – Pay Per Download or you might work on MIXed tariff. Let’s focus more on each option so that you can understand which one is more preferable in your case.

  1. Earning per sale of a file

Affiliates that select this option make money every time a user downloads/pays for any of the files. The cost that you set for the files is entirely customizable. You can set the same fee for all the files, you can set the fee for each file separately, it’s all up to you. That kind of freedom is rare when it comes to price formation!

As far as your earnings go, you can make as much as 60% per each sale. There’s a way for you to earn even more if you choose to promote files on your website or if you enroll in the referral program.

  1. Earning per sale of a premium membership

With this option, you’re going to make money from ALL premium sales. You can earn up to 60% of Sales in commissions for re-bills and renewals. Moreover, you can also promote the service/premium membership via your website to earn additional money. As you would imagine, this option is extremely rewarding for the people who already have an audience.

3. MIX


The Affiliate Experience: Withdrawals

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $5, you can request a payout.  There are various different payment systems that works with, including WebMoney, BTC, PayPal, and Capitalist. You can always opt for more traditional wire transfers as well.

Please remember that payment processing might take up to # business days when linking your account for the first time. If your payment is delayed beyond that, you can always reach out to the friendly customer support team.

The Affiliate Experience: Main Features

Free Sign-Up

You can create an affiliate account with no payments required whatsoever. You don’t really have to use a special invite link either. All you really have to do is take five minutes to set up an account and you’re good to go.

Lucrative Commissions

When compared to other similar platforms, it becomes obvious that is very generous to its affiliates. There’s a certain level of trust that exists between this platform and its future partners – everyone’s on the same right from the very beginning.

Multiple Means of Payment

You can withdraw money in all areas, as many times as you want, etc. There are multiple withdrawal options available for ALL users, which makes the affiliate experience even more fulfilling.

Fast Payouts

Making money from home is an amazing feeling, so it makes total sense that you want to be able to access your earnings as fast as possible. payment processing might take up to # business days – 3 or 4 days – offers some of the fastest payouts imaginable.

Amazing Customer Support

All the disputes are resolved in the swiftest fashion. You can contact the customer support taskforce 24/7 with any questions or suggestions. You’ll never be left in the dark, wondering what to do.

Built-In Lightweight Video Player

Not too many hosting sites have superior player technology to offer. The ad-free built-in player supports multiple video formats, which makes it extremely convenient for you.

Ability to Upload ANY Type of Content

Many hosting services shy away from adult-oriented content whilst supports freedom of expression. You can upload even the most extreme content as long as it finds its target audience.

Two Affiliate Options

At present, there are two options to choose from, allowing you to either earn on sale per file or sale per premium membership.


There are many ways to make money online and the Affiliate Program is one of the most reliable ones. All you really have to do is upload content that will find its audience, no matter how niche it might be.

There’s a plethora of positives features available on There’s no real reason for you to not give it a try.

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