Where to cash-out money more profitable from filehost affiliates in 2020

cash-out money

Where to cash-out money more profitable from filehosts

To get money on the Internet is an extremely promising article of income. But there is also a significant challenge: making money is not enough, they need to be in cash.

This may be challenging due to a large number of payment systems, and there are some restrictions on the funds withdrawal.

At the same time, transfers between different payment systems are difficult, and often you should open several electronic wallets.

There are financial costs, as the transfer of money is accompanied with the commission, which can significantly reduce profits. Especially if funds are transferred between different payment systems. Withdrawing money to a bank card is also non beneficial — payment systems want customers to make payments through it.

However, for serious systems this is not a big problem. The user can easily choose the best option for withdrawing funds using various payment systems. More important to decide what you need — to cash out funds or make electronic payments. That influence what platform is better to work with.


All payment systems are design for prompt work, a high level of security and comfort. It is also useful that you may open accounts in various currencies. Some work with bitcoin.

But actually Bitcoin is highly reliable and cheap.

Payments are made from any device and anywhere, and due to the Bitcoin blockchain technology, transactions cannot be failed, and they are reliably protected. The same cocern Bitcoin wallets. Such wallet is secured against pirate hacks, ensuring the safety of funds.

At the same time, Bitcoin allows you to send just using this currency, and withdraw funds to any payment systems.

There are minimal commissions, and the owner may choose the commission fee. Moreover, its size will depend on the volume of the transaction in bytes and the priority of the payment. Fee may be determined by the user himself, depending on how priority the payment is.

Also, due to the structural features, international transfers are carried out as quickly as possible.

The highest level of personal data protection is achieved due to the possibility of anonymous payments.

To open a bitcoin wallet is also easy. The user will see such a picture by clicking on our link. Then press the left orange button on the screen and start to work.

Then follow the instructions on the screen.

However, the information for identifying a Bitcoin wallet is provided only once, it must be stored properly, as it cannot be restored.


The system has become widespread in Eastern Europe and Russia. It is a fairly convenient optiona as an electronic wallet.

Allows secure transfer of funds. But among the shortcomings of this system are bulkiness, terms and inconvenience of withdrawing funds, high commissions that depend on the country. Inside system transfers are provided with a commission of 0.8%. As for the withdrawal in cash, the percentage charged here is highly dependent on the country or bank and the level of client’s certificate. Fee ranges from 0.6% to 8%.

However, the system is designed for a high level of protection, it allows you to safely receive and transfer money and save funds in your personal wallet. If you are ready, you can open a wallet in WebMoney right now.

Russian rubles, dollars, euros and some other currencies are serviced by WebMoney. You can withdraw money to the accounts in some banks.

WM is convenient for users from Russia.

Perfect money

Perfect Money is a convenient payment system for instant payments, which was launched in 2007.

Among its advantages are prompt and convenient transfers, easy payments on the Internet.

Accounts are opened in electronic currency, which is the equivalent of US dollars, euros, bitcoin, and even gold (in troy ounces). Banking operations — payment, transfers, exchange carry out in electronic currency.

Exchange can be made directly in the user account. It uses current exchange rates, and not those that are set arbitrarily by the system itself, as on some other payment platforms (for example, WebMoney). The cost of internal transfers, depending on the level of the account, is 0.5-1.99%. To withdraw funds, a commission from 2.85% and the bank fee are charged. The simplicity of charging commissions is quite comfortable, there is no complex calculation options depending on the situation. The registration on this platform is simple.

A verification system is used to increase user protection.


Low fees is the advantage of the Capitalist.net payment system. At the same time, it is provided an excellent system of protection for accounts and transactions, high technical reliability and resistance to any failures. Also the interface is convenient, simple and intuitive, and registration is simple.

Capitalist.net serves a wide range of currencies. You can open accounts in dollars, euros, rubles, as well as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Funds are easily withdrawn to VISA cards and MasterCard. Fees for withdrawing money in different currencies and in different countries range from 1 to 3%. Intrasystem transfers are charged with 0% commission. However , additional services are quite expensive for small transactions.

The platform with low commissions is designed for interaction with other payment systems in a convenient manner.

Paysera LT

The most convenient and reliable payment platform is the Lithuanian Paysera LT. It was launched 2006, and now this payment system is currently operating in more than 180 countries around the world.

It works with electronic money and provides a wide range of payments for individuals and for business.

An exceptionally advantageous set of commissions is among key advantages. Firstly, it is set preferential commissions for residents within the country. Secondly, the standard fee is very attractive. It amounts to small amounts, depending on the currency and type of operations performed. Fees are ranged from 3.25 euros or dollars in Lithuania and 7 euros or dollars in all other countries. A significant part of internal transfers within Paysera is free.

Paysera is an innovative and user-friendly platform. 30 different currencies are accessible for making payments. The platform is comfortable, and quarantee an exceptionally high level of technical reliability and security of accounts and transactions. It requires fro, users minimal efforts to work on. It is one of the most convinient payment systems with easy registration.


PayPal is the most universal and widespread system. It works in 190 countries around the world — in full or limited manner.

It allows to use a number of currencies — Euros, US, Canada and Australia dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen and a number of other currencies.

The advantages are versatility, excellent technical support, a high level of protection both from technical failures and from unauthorized intrusions.

At the same time, the commissions are reliable, the system operates promptly, the interface is extremely convenient.

Transfers within the country from the account are free; 3.4% is charged + a fixed amount for the operation when using a bank card. Fees for international transfers depend on the country and start from 0.4% to 1.5%. If such a transaction is made from a bank card — a commission of 3.4% + a fixed amount for the operation also is charged.

It is possible to withdraw money from PayPal to payment cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express and some others.

Sign up for PayPal right now.

 Commissions for transactions in different payment systems:

Internal transfers Withdraw funds
Paypal 0-1.5% 3.4% + fix. the amount
Webmoney 0.80% 0.6-8%
Perfectmoney 0.5-1.99% from 2.85% + bank commission
Capitalist.net 0% 1-3%
Paysera LT 0% 3.25-7 EUR or USD
Bitcoin from 0%, user defined floating

Thus, various payment systems are used for withdrawal of funds from keep2share.cc . The user should choose the platform depending on the goals and needs.

The system should be convenient and prompt. Also bitcoin should be included. Bitcoin as the currency promises to be one of the most effective depositories of funds and an excellent means of payment, with minimal fees and absolute without a pressure from fiscal offices.

The Lithuanian Paysera LT is an extremely convenient and rapidly developing platform that carries out transactions in a huge number of currencies with a minimum fees and with an excellent interface.

PayPal is the most widespread and universal platform. It allows you to transfer funds worldwide. However, it does not work fully functional in some countries. Therefore, you have to look for other options to work with PayPal, or to use platforms that work with other payment systems. You can withdraw money to any payment platform if you decide to work with us. Moneyplatform.biz allows to work with any of the above systems and other payment platforms. Register now — simply click the link.

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