Birthday 5 years old

Hi, friends!

Service of online calculations and payouts turns 5 years old!

We invite you to take part in the drawing of an unforgettable journey in Montenegro where we, together with 6-th representatives of affiliate programs and 3 Webmasters, winning in the competition, Capitalist’s Birthday at a posh yacht on the high sea and have some fun!

Just send a letter to their affiliate program or any service where you get paid. The letter must be a message about connecting to free and convenient settlements with you. Completing this simple action, you get the chance to Join Our Team at the brightest event this summer!

We really have grown thanks to you over the years and now draw millions of transactions, register thousands of accounts for businesses and webmasters each day by multiplying the trusted clients and partners in its ranks. We invite you to take part in the drawing of an unforgettable journey to Montenegro, where we, together with the 6-th representatives of affiliate programs and 3-ring victorious in this contest, webmasters, Birthday service at a posh yacht on the high seas and properly have some fun!

Competition rules and conditions for determining the winners:

Take part in the contest can anyone. First of all you need to write an message to support, CPA grid or advertising agency with which you work as webmaster. The letter should be a call to service for the purpose of obtaining payment for the balance of the wmaster.

For example: the webmaster works with affiliate program and he have personal Manager Jeff, which he writes on mail “Dear Jeff, I’m comfortable working with you, but there is one moment, that could significantly improve our interaction. Ask connect Capitalist payments – this is a very convenient service charge-back online. Calculations for you with me through the will be free and comfortable for me. In addition Jeff, you will receive payment channels such as Master/Visa Cards, WebMoney, Yandex, Kiwi and many others. In the copy of the service employee can discuss details”

If you do not want to write about the employee, can do. You can even leave it on blank, everything depends on the level of trust with the affiliate program. We strongly recommend not to use this example as a template, as in this case the program will receive the same letter from different webmasters.

August 2 will be the winners.

The following evaluation criteria:

 Writers creativity.

 The position of the affiliate program (from the support to the CEO).

 Number of affiliate programs. More letters in different programs = more chances.

 The level of the partner program.

Participation in the contest will be confirmed by return letter from us at the address of the sender.

Mail officer to be placed in a letter: [email protected]

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Best of luck! We will be glad to see you and together light the AH!

Thanks to all those who were with us from the early days of the service, as well as those
who is only going to make friends with   and now reads these lines.
We are confident that the coming year will be even better
and we are ready to make every effort to assist you with this!

  • The contest time of the July 2 – August 1, 2019
  • 2 August – winners announcement
  • 27 August – departure to Montenegro
  • 29 August – return from Montenegro
  • The total number of winners – 9 peoples (3 webmasters and on 2 representatives from 3-x partner programs)
  • Contacts for sending documents: [email protected]
  • Collect photocopies of documents to buy plane tickets from 2 to 7 August inclusive
  • In case of absence of the Passport, the winner has the right to transfer a ticket to Capitalist’s Birthday every person has a passport

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