MEXASHARE.COM Affiiate Program Overview’n’Rules

I’m glad to introduce you to this is amazing filehost –

Mexashare is a one of the best for my opinion, file sharing service where you can upload your files and share it with the public, securely and reliably.

Why you have to choose MexaShare ?

  • We count all downloads and sales and we don’t cheat our uploaders because we are honest, in addition, our uploaders are our partners, and their success is our success.
  • We offer a real time stats where uploaders can check their earning live, second by second with no delay.
  • Our real time stats is running since the day number 1 of our official start ( 2016-04-07 ), and there was no freezing even for one minute since that date until now.
  • We offer high rates in our PPD plan and we always try to increase it and keep upgrading more countries in it.
  • If you want us to increase our PPD rates the best way is to start using our file host and send us as much traffic as possible. The more traffic we receive, the higher rates we can offer in our PPD plan.
  • We paid and will always keep paying on time, and we are proud that since the first day of our file host until now there was 0 payment delay.

Here are the main features what offer :

Reasons to Join MexaShare Premium :


Mexashare Affiliate Program Rules and Rates

MexaShare offers 3 amazing plans for users who want to share their own files with friends and audience and make some money through that :

Here is an few simple rules for Mexashare affiliate program:

  • You should have an account in Mexashare to join our affiliate program. If you don’t have an account yet Sign Up now.
  • We count every successful completed download.
  • We count only the 100% completed downloads.
  • We count one download from the same IP per 24 hours.
  • We don’t count any download you make from your own files.
  • We count downloads from all countries.
  • We allow only one account for each user. If we detect that the same user has two accounts or more he/she will be immediately banned.
  • Protect your account information and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Any try to cheat or abuse our system will cause the account to be banned even without warning.
  • You can change your affiliate plan once per week.
  • We reserve the right to make any change in any of our affiliate plans, at any time.

Mexashare Payout Rules

  1. You can withdraw your earnings through : PayPal | Webmoney ( Minimum payout : 10 $ )
  2. Once your earning reaches the minimum payout limit you can use ” request payout ” button to request your money.
  3. The payouts will be processed within 24-hour after request.


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