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Premium account to Overview is a popular international service for safe and fast file transferring, storage backup, and distribution. The servers’ connection speed is several gigabytes is nearly unlimited. There is no other similar service that can offer our level of quality. Nitroflare is the best and fastest service for uploading, storing, and safe sharing of your files on the internet.

Being able to upload files online has definitely become one of the most useful technological advances to date. Gone are the days where we have to carry a flash drive, or anything to store our files. Now, all we have to do is to upload it, and it would be readily available online. One of the most popular file sharing provider is NitroFlare, and we’re going to discuss what you can expect from it.

What is

For the past few years, NitroFlare is considered to be one of the best file sharing providers, helping a lot of users with their file sharing needs. For that reason, it has been labeled as the most reliable file hosting website that’s known for its accelerated upload and download times, as well as one-of-a-kind interface. offer

  • Uploading service up to 10GB for each file
  • Steady servers with Huge Storage and Huge Network Speed
  • Downloading and On-line Streaming (For video files) services in maximum quality
  • Earn money for your files! (videos, songs, software, Photos, drawings, articles and others.)
  • We’re offering an advanced User Control Panel where you can easily manage your files, sales and downloads
  • We’re selling our services by ourselves, with our own payment platform and we donot have Resellers
  • In order of download or stream the files, the client doesn’t need to be a registered user! It’s that simple:
    Buy a Premium Key and with it you can unlock all the files.
  • We’re offering free limited & paying service

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How to Use

Creating a account is fairly simple and fast. You don’t have to give any sensitive information, but just your email address to create an account. Once an account is made, details such as the username and available payment methods together with other settings such as modifying and refining the account data, as well as the summary of all account details would be presented. These would all be presented in graphs that are well-structured and easy to understand.

Uploading and Downloading Options

The good thing about NitroFlare is that you can upload your files straight through the web browser or through a remote via HTTP or FTP. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with any of these because NitroFlare offers a lot of support, including FTP account creation, set up, and many more. The download is pretty much the similar for all files, but do note that there are also some exceptions, and this includes video files. It would be better if you’ll just stream it, instead of having to download it. Third-party download managers are also available, and there are some that are absolutely free.

Creating a Free Account

You can always start with a standard account that’s free of charge. However, do note that it has some limitations. For one, with a nitroflare free account, the download speed is lessened.

NitroFlare Premium Account

On the other hand, with a premium account, there are a bunch of things that you are going to enjoy. For one, you’ll have additional features that you don’t usually get with the standard account, and this includes unlimited download speed, priority support, and many more.

Unlike other file hosting providers though, a premium account is not paid through a subscription, but through a one-time payment. There are also premium coupons which you can redeem for a specific period of time, and must be used before it expires. This can be something that’s good for 2 days – a $10 coupon, and there’s also one that’s good for one year and it costs $90.

Nitroflare Premium

Advantages of Getting Nitroflare Premium Account

Here are just some of the few advantages that you can enjoy from a premium account.

  1. Maximum download speed of 100 mbps.
  2. You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited parallel downloads.
  3. As a premium user, you wouldn’t have to worry about the download size limit.
  4. There isn’t any daily limit on downloads.
  5. No advertisements shown on premium users, and you can download files at their maximum speed.

Payment Methods

NitroFlare is very flexible and they offer several payment methods, such as

  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Yandex
  • Paysafecard
  • Qiwi
  • And many more.


  1. pay via PayPal (Minimum withdraw: 10$)
  2. pay via WebMoney (Minimum withdraw: 10$)
  3. pay via Payoneer (Minimum withdraw: 50$)
  4. pay via Bank Transfer (Minimum withdraw: 500$)

Customer Support

In case you’ll need some help, you can go through their help center, which is like a FAQs section where there are plenty of common questions, together with answers. However, in case that your problems can not be resolved by any of these, you can send them an email instead. Support Email[email protected]

Nitroflare affiliate program terms and conditions

Rules and Conditions

  • Don’t try to buy or download from self or use any proxies, we will not count that (Our system smart enough to detect such fraud)
  • We will block any user who’ll try to abuse our system immediatly
  • We count every successful 100% completed downloaded
  • Files with no views/downloads will be removed 90 days after you’ve uploaded it. All other files will be saved for permanent (Unless you decide to delete them by self)
  • Your uploads must honor our terms of service & respect copyrights
  • DMCA Files : If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our server up to 5 days from report
  • We’re not blocking account unless you got a warning first. In a matter of blocked account all the money will be paid in 5 days since the block took place, unless the founders decide otherwise

Final Words

If you’re in search of a secure and bigger space to store your important files, then NitroFlare is definitely worth considering. It’s fast, reliable, and the storage is nearly unlimited. As of the moment, there aren’t any data storage websites that offer the same level of features. This makes NitroFlare one of the finest and most reliable service there is. Although you can simply buy an external drive or delete old files, you have to admit, it’s better if you’ll be able to keep them instead, and this is what NitroFlare has to offer. It will act as your online hard drive where you can access your files whenever you need it.

Hurry UP! The first 10 users who’ll register will get “Pro User” account immediatly. Additionally you’ll get Premium Key for download and watching for 30 days for free!

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