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If you’re not familiar with the term, file hosting services are also known as online file storage providers. Their main purpose is to serve as an online storage for large amounts of data using cloud technology. For the past few years, we have seen how the online file hosting industry evolved. In fact, more and more organizations and individual are using file hosting or online storage to store their important files. Not only is it simple, and cost effective, it also allows you to share your files to anyone, wherever he is.

Corporations can now upload large files, store them, and share them to those who are involved. Best of all, they wouldn’t have to worry about these important information getting stolen. One of the best file hosting providers out there is and we’ll discuss why.

What is is popular file hosting provider that has been helping a lot of people with their storage needs. They are known for offering online storage, as well as remote backup capacity with state-of-the art downloading and uploading tools. Basically, with premium, you’ll have the privilege of hosting a variety of images, files, videos, audio, flash, and many more.

Is It Really Worth Considering?

For those who need to send large files, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to attach it in an email. This is where enters the scene. With this online storage provider, you’ll be able to upload your files– be it images, word document, audio, video, and many more. You’ll also be able to access personal data from various computers, and you wouldn’t have to carry a physical storage, such as a flash drive or external HD with you.


If you’re worried that other people might be able to see the files you have uploaded, you really don’t have to worry about that. Your files will remain private unless you give the link to someone else. That’s the only way others would be able to access your files. For that reason, is also the perfect place to store your backup files.

Although they offer a free account, a premium account is worth considering for a number of reasons, such as:

  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Download can be resumed
  • Simultaneous download up To 8 Files
  • No delays
  • – And many more…

How to Get a Hotlink Premium Account

Upgrading to a premium account is fairly simple. All you have to do is click “buy” on page premium, and choose your preferred mode of payment. offers different payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfer, and so on.

Speed You Can Enjoy with a Premium Account

Another reason you should be getting a premium account is to enjoy a fast downloading speed. With a premium account, the average download and upload speed is 100 MB/sec. However, this would still depend on your channel.

Likewise, to prevent any problems later on, make sure that your browser allows cookies, and that the software you are using doesn’t automatically block cookies, as some firewalls do. Aside from the official page, you can also obtain a premium key from resellers, which you can easily activate through the “My Account Page.”


In such a case that you’re not fully satisfied with the premium account, don’t worry; you can apply for a refund. Simply send them an email and the reason you want your payment to be returned. Do note that refunds should only be made 24-72 hours after application to qualify for it. If it goes beyond than that, your money won’t get refunded.


The interface of isn’t only simple, but intuitive as well. No wonder why a lot of users find it convenient to use this website. Even those without a background when it comes to using cloud storage wouldn’t have a hard time at all.


As we talk about file hosting providers, privacy is very important, and this is what promises. Rest assured that your files would be well-protected from hackers and NSA. Rest assured that no one else would be able to browse your files and see the information you have uploaded. affiliate program terms and conditions

  • 60% of sales
  • 60% of rebills and renewals
  • Up to 15% of sales from your site (default 10%)
  • 5% from sales of copies of your files
  • 5% from sales of copies of your files
  • Terms file storage will be 50 days from the last download.
    – Premium account doesn’t affect to terms storage.
    – Maybe increase terms file storage up to 100 days or unlimited, it is decided individually, by agreement with administration.
    – Available upload from FTP, remote upload and upload from the browser, also possible to copy files.
    – For files available function Premium only. usefful links for webmasters support thread to English speaking webmasters – support thread for Russian-speaking webmasters –

Final Words

Overall, is one of the best online storage providers that you can try. It doesn’t matter how big the file you are going to upload would be, rest assured that this cloud storage solution can handle that. Best of all, your files are in safe hands.

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