Review Review provides online storage as it acts as a remote data storage provider. Also, it has cloud storage back up with downloading and uploading tools. This means using, users are permitted to share whatever you might have uploaded on the provider, such as files, images, videos, and lots more.

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What’s more? works well with any applications or services to ensure you don’t have difficulty viewing and editing your files. Getting a program that provides retrieval and access is very paramount, especially, if you manage a business or you own one. One can imagine the stress you would have to go through if your storage service provider does not work well with your current tools. For this reason, has configured its system to verify and function with your current in-use tools without hassle.

On top of that, the capacity range offered by this storage provider is impressive, especially if you have upgraded to a premium account. Its cutting-edge security and file synchronization, which is safe to access your uploaded file, documents, videos, etc. anywhere you are.

Why Use

For those looking to make use of a reliable storage service provider, which would make sure you can send larger files through email, you can avail yourself to the benefits offered by Furthermore, offers secured remote file storage capacity for those in need of an off-site backup service. marks an end to USB or other forms of hard drives tagging along with you wherever you go. With this cloud storage provider, you can easily access your files from any device – tablet, mobile phone, computers, virtually anything that can connect to the internet. Your personal data are always ready 24/7 for you.

Also, the provider understands the need to have your privacy. Therefore, it eliminates worries about anyone having access to your data, as it ensures maximum privacy and security – provided you don’t give anyone your URL link or personal information.

Premium Features

Although provides its users with free usage; interested customers can upgrade their account to premium to remove all limitation and enjoy more benefits.

Account Type Free User Premium User
Download speed 70 kb/s Unlimited
Maximum number of simultaneous downloads 1 Unlimited
Download quota 1 file per one hour 50 GB per day
Direct/hot download link No Yes
Downloads start immediately No Yes
Downloads captcha Yes No
Support for resumed downloads No Yes
Support for download managers No Yes
Ad-Free Yes No
File Size Limit 5000 Mb 50000
Wait before download 30 seconds No benefits

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Here are some the benefits premium accounts holders stand to enjoy:

Maximum Upload File

People with premium account enjoy a maximum upload file as higher 50,000 MB unlike other accounts with 5000 MB or even no maximum upload file.

Storage Space

For a regular account with, users are only permitted to make use of 500 GB, while premium account can enjoy unlimited cloud storage for all your files.

Duration for Deleting Downloaded files offers a free account with seven days, regular account with 49 days, while premium account with 90 days. This means you can still access the downloaded file on the server for about three months before deleting.

Download Delay

Unlike other accounts with a download delay of 30 – 60 seconds, premium accounts enjoy an uninterrupted or delay download.

Download Resume

Both free and regular accounts are not eligible for download resume, which means you have to restart your download when interrupted. But, premium users can just avoid this by resuming the interrupted download, which saves time.

Download Accelerator Support

This feature is only available for premium accounts and enjoys you get larger files downloaded within a short period.

download speed

Are There Any Restrictions?

This online storage provider has the same restriction as other hosting providers. Although, allows its users to save up any file types – images, documents, call logs, etc., it still restricts the upload of specific data types.

Users are not permitted to upload any material related to pornography, nudity, sexual images, and of course, any content with copyright. Thus, it is duly advised that before uploading any files you should look at the terms of service.

Deleting Files from the Server

After achieving the aim of uploading specific files, you might decide you no longer need them and want them deleted from your cloud storage. To do this, make use of the delete link, which you are provided with immediately you uploaded the file. However, in certain instances, where you can’t recall the code, you will have to allow the data to stay up to 90 days, and removed automatically from the hosting provider’ server.

Drawbacks of does not permit users to hotlink the upload files on its server.


Plan Price
30 days USD 19.95
60 days USD 29.95
90 days USD 39.95
180 days USD 69.95
365 days USD 99.95 safe pay Premium Account Review — Conclusion has proven to be one of the safest and most reliable hosting providers available today. Aside from that this cloud storage provider is easy to use, users are ensured that their upload files or information won’t be compromised. If you are looking to try out one of the best cloud storage providers, you can take advantage of this provider.

Customer Support

They have responsive technical support on any issues

Jabber (+ OTR) / Email: [email protected]

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