RapidVideo.com Overview

Breakdown of Features:

  • 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p HD Quality
  • Input MKV/MP4 with Subtitle support. They will hardcode the subs by default settings, you can change this setting in your user settings
  • Support for mobile Phones
  • Support for HTML5 as Primary
  • Useful Video Manager with Folders Management, Export functions and categorizing Videos
  • z-o-o-m uploader tool support
  • Multi-Threads supported Upload Formular
  • Good streaming speed, it works with every slow internet connection too
  • Unlimited space / Almost no delete from inactivity, only when there is limited space (they will delete the files that haven’t been viewed in awhile 1 to 2 months)
  • SRT subs support

Rules & Conditions:

  •  Copyright Content, that you don’t have the rights for the content is strictly prohibited, please respect copyright
  • Adult content is allowed

You will be locked if you try to manipulate system, such i.e. as spamming, fake traffic sending, hotlinking videos. Any violations of these rules will have your account permanently disabled and earnings forfeited if no solution is possible. Adult is allowed on RapidVideo.com and BitPorno.com

What are the limitations?

Storage: None.
Traffic: None.
All files can removed after 60days of inactivity. To bypass it, you can buy Premium

How RapidVideo count views:

RapidVideo.com count up to 3 view per vistors for each affilate user. For example, if you view five different videos from same user, it’ll be 3 views. If you view the same video 5 times it will be 3 view too.

How to add SRT subs to videos?
Click on CC, then select the language and upload the srt file

RapidVideo.com Register:


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