10 Sites to Sell Your Snapchat Accounts for Money

Vigor and Ebullience of Snapchat

Five years ago, Snapchat was just an idea. Today, it is more than an idea. Snapchat has the patronage of more than 100 million active users and the count of daily video views stands at a monumental 7 billion. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s love for Snapchat is known to one and all. Very often, he tries to simulate the features of Snapchat. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is one of the genuine platforms in the reputed social media league which is being capitalized by adult performers. When Snapchat teamed up with Square Cash, a new avenue was integrated. This new platform facilitated the seamless transfer of both nudes and short videos. In other words, instant online payments through Snapchat was accelerated with full vigor and ebullience.

Snapchat: How to make money with porn

There are various porn sites for sale on the web. Owners of porn sites advertise a lot on popular social media platforms. Popular social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook impose several restrictions and constraints on the profile accounts of adult entertainment performers. This is due to the risqué and taboo complexion of porn. Tumblr had taken a big leap, surely to earn the goodwill of adult performers. As a matter of fact, Tumblr and only Tumblr seemed to be the last leg for porn stars and adult entertainment performers to rise to meteoric stardom. A new ray of hope in the form of Snapchat brought unbridled joy to the entire adult entertainment industry.


Snapchat: An Instant Icebreaker

With the advent of Snapchat, it is incumbent upon the adult entertainment performers to market themselves. Payments are instantaneous and both the adult entertainment industry and Snapchat have seen a mammoth growth in the number of subscribers and revenue. Leverage Facebook and Twitter by sharing a link to your Snapchat account. Since most of the porn viewers are crazy about their favorite models, they will be more than happy to pay for your semi-nudes. It is likely that you may be new to the industry. As a consequence, you may not be having enough following. Be patient. It takes some time to get the attention of porn viewers. Meanwhile, you can market yourself in the following places:

Camming Sites

Camming is more than a profession. It is an industry in itself. The rate at which it is flourishing is formidable. There are various camming sites such as Bongacams, Chaturbate etc. which are the golden geese of the adult entertainment industry. Bongacams started in the year 2012. If you are looking for a hot European model or a sexy Russian girl, Bongacams is the right place. Chaturbate is much bigger than most of the reputed webcam sites including Bongacams.

More often than not, you see couples doing cam shows. To increase the number of followers, you need to create a profile in either of the webcam sites. It is suggested to create profiles in both the webcam sites. You just need to spend a few crazy hours with your audiences, entice them and convert them into your devotees. Spice up your profile by sharing a link to your Snapchat account. Believe me, the money you are entitled to earn is so humongous that you shall no longer engage in webcam business. You shall get busy selling Snapchat videos for an arm and a leg. A sustainable and a profitable livelihood is very much possible.

Adult Content Selling Sites

There are various sites that allow you to upload your videos. I suggest you to just create a profile and not reveal much about yourself. Your fundamental intention should be to tease the audience by revealing as little as possible. Your profile picture should be horny and libidinous. For instance, sites such as ExtraLunchMoney, YouCandy and ManyVids allow you to upload shorter versions (1-minute duration) of your videos. There are sites such as xVideos, Pornhub etc. Create a profile in such tube sites and start uploading videos. Once your videos get enough traction, your followers increase. Wait for the opportune moment. Provide the link to your Snapchat videos and see the magic.


As an alternative approach, you can ask the website administrators of xVideos, Pornhub etc., to promote your Snapchat videos. For every paid customer you get, the websites charge you anywhere between 30-40 percent. If you do not want to want to share your earnings with the middlemen, you have to take the initiative of promoting your videos.

Cam sites or adult tube sites, both the categories pertain intrinsically to the same foundational ideas:

  • Adult content creation
  • Adult content marketing

Subscription Model

Monthly Fee: In this type of subscription model, you shall charge your followers a reasonable fee of $30-$40. This is one of the safest and most proven subscription models. If a few followers perceive your subscription fee to be unreasonable, they may discontinue their subscription. Do not cheat your audiences. For a monthly subscription fee of $30, you should send at-least 1 unique Snapchat video per day to the subscribers. Otherwise, there shall be mass exodus from the next month. If your followers like your videos, it is likely that they may engage in viral marketing. They may share your links on various adult forums.

The subscription model is gaining momentum - among businesses and consumers alike - MAIN - EliteBusinessMagazine.co.uk_bb94702c18af32a1b08604e4ccd90846

Treat your customers with great decorum. Scant respect or outright disrespect shall result in grave repercussions. If your porn customers bad mouth, you will be compelled to build your reputation from ground zero.  Ensure that you do a proper Lost Customer Analysis (LCA). Delve into the details such as the following:

  • Why has the customer left?
  • Is the subscription fee over-priced?
  • Are the subscription offers of competitors faring well?
  • Are the customers getting value to what they are paying?

Research and only research can provide solutions to the issues pertaining to LCA- Lost Customer Analysis.

Lifetime access to your Snapchat account

Models are at complete liberty to charge ridiculously high amounts to grant lifetime access to their respective Snapchat accounts. However, not many customers will be willing to shell out huge amounts. Moreover, I have seen many models abusing this autonomy. As nobody ever knows the lifespan of the Snapchat account, models generally close this subscription model within a month or two. Customers get pissed off and soon, they start badmouthing. Do not indulge in indecency.

Models will be left to fend for themselves in case of any discrepancy in monetary transactions. Snapcash is a blessing to all those who intend to leverage Snapchat. Just like PayPal, instant money transfer is always facilitated. However, models should be at-least 18 years old. Details of bank credit card or debit card should be provided. Details will be used to verify the account.

Please be informed that Snapchat doesn’t allow nude pictures. However, you can always send semi-nudes, lingerie pics etc. You can become famous by sending erotic snaps at affordable prices. Not many will be willing to pay $30 per snap. However, many would be willing to pay $3 per snap. This way, you will be earning more. You shall soon attain the stardom.

As a matter of fact, Snapchat has brought a win-win situation for the adult industry, performers and porn viewers.

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If you have any concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Cheers!

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