Ul.to aka Uploaded.net – Overview

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Ul.to aka Uploaded.net – Overview

Do you know the way to upload, store, access and download any kind of files any time you need them and in all possible locations? It’s really easy – just come to the Uploaded.Net filehost service and make sure of it by yourself. All you have to do is to register on the site and submit the content you want, even porn videos and sex pictures (we bet, you have a few on your PC). So, hurry up to upload your data to the file cloud. Enjoy Uploaded.Net right now!

Uploaded.net has been the go-to destination for file sharing and downloading for quite some time now. These guys appear to have mastered some tricks in the business and remain one of the best file hosting sites for both adult and non-adult material. Your location notwithstanding, you can upload, backup, and share files in large scale with high download speeds.

Likes :

  • file storage and sharing
  • rewards for recommending an account
  • easy to use
  • coupons

Dislikes :

  • ads if not premium accounts
  • of course, it costs money
  • disable ad blocker and click on the screenshot to be able to enter this website!
  • bad support

To start with, the site has both premium and free versions although, for some reasons I will address, the premium is better. That said, users can access most of the site without a premium account although there are limitations. As things currently stand, users will have to fork $49.99 for the premium account for six months which is a pretty competitive price, to be honest. The site recognizes that this might still be costly for some and has included other packages that include $5.99 for 48 hours, $11.99 for one month, and $24.99 for three months. There are also points to be won upon purchase which can be used to upgrade your account. You’d be silly not to consider such an offer.

Apparently, going premium has many benefits, and it is time to point them out. They include among others; full speed downloads, unrestricted parallel downloads, the ability to use a file manager (where users can search, sort, rename, move, delete/ remove, copy files and/or folders), unlimited storage space and more. You also get ads free download experience without waiting time, and if you want my opinion, you will struggle to find a better deal somewhere. Of course, there are terms and conditions that you may have to read although there is nothing illegal in the basic rules. Also, be warned; porn may also be frowned upon depending on the type.

Regarding the affiliated sites, users have several options (available worldwide) to choose from when it comes to making payments. The Porn Dude advises his readers to scrutinize and understand the package they are paying for. With that in mind, activating a premium account, as you will find out is apparently the best route to a robust and interactive space.

Click on their offer from their homepage and check out the offer that best suits your needs and budget. Also note that for every upload and download done from a premium account, no advertisement captcha will be required which will make the process less irksome. Downloading via a premium account is only a click away which saves both time and energy. On top of that, users with a premium account can upload up to 5GB compared to 2GB for ordinary. The Porn Dude was also pleased that there are mobile apps for Android devices as well as desktop apps for both Windows and Mac devices where users can access their account from whichever location. Upload speed depends on the user’s internet connection.

Uploaded.net has one of the most amazing support teams available 24/7 to solve your problems relating to payments, account, complaints and more. Also note that child pornography and terrorism-related material are not accepted on the site, and links with such materials will be reported. Should you find files that contravene the site’s terms of service, the site has availed a Takedown form where you can report such content as well. There is also an option to change languages with Dutch, French, and Spanish some of the other languages to choose from. So fucking convenient.

The site also encourages users to recommend premium accounts to their friends. All you need to do is find your ref link in your user panel and share the link. You will get 60% and 50% from the proceeds of the first and second sale respectively. How many sites do you know that reward their users for recommending them to their friends? I’ll wait.

Besides the incredibly fast servers, the site features a minimalistic design and is so easy to use. The incredible blue background color is soothing to the eyes and whoever decided it deserves a pat on the back. Site navigation also ensures it’s easy to share materials of whichever nature with no trouble and you will certainly find the site convenient.

When it’s all said and done, Uploaded.net is your best options for file hosting, sharing and downloading. You will find it worthwhile.

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