Top of file hosting services – October 2019

Top of file hosting services - October 2019

This is a Top of file hosting services – October 2019 which are currently active. File hosting services are a particular kind of online file storage; however, various products that are designed for online file storage may not have features or characteristics that others designed for sharing files have.

Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular. Here is an update on all the best file hosting and filesharing websites in october 20019. There have also been many new small individual startups, but those websites seemed too amateur and the newness makes it unreliable if they will be around long enough to be a reliable place to store your files. Therefore, we have included 22 of the best filehost sites.

This year, we added some new metrics which include an easy-to-read bar displaying whether each service has a free account or just a free trial, whether it has an affordable Premium file hosting service, and whether the Premium service allows unlimited uploads. Our metric for whether a service was deemed “affordable” was $8 or less per month for a good Premium plan. If the Premium plan which is under $10 only offers very low storage (like only 500GB at $5, which is very expensive), then we displayed this as not affordable. If it has a Business or Enterprise plan which is ultra-expensive but that is the only way to get unlimited file hosting storage, then you will see it listed as “Unlimited Business Plan” or “Unlimited Enterprise Plan”.

For our rankings we are taking into account the newness of the file hosting website, ease of use in uploading and sharing files, design and quality, speed and stability, and the legitimacy of the provider. For example, even though ShareFile is a relative newcomer to the file hosting scene, it was designed by Citrix, a well known brand, and therefore it has a higher chance of staying in business despite its newness. However, because it is so expensive and has major security issues, it was ranked low on the list. We also included a screenshot of both the home page and the file hosting admin panel.

We hope you enjoy our October – 2019 file hosting rankings! We have done extensive research over many months to discover and discuss this top 20 file hosting website list, including creating and using an account with every single service so that we can reliably tell you about each of these file hosting websites

    1. RAPIDGATOR.NET – Press to Join Premium Account
    2. UPLOADED.NET – Join aka
    3. K2S.CC – Join Affiliate Program – Premium
    5. WDUPLOAD.COM – link to join
    6. TAKEFILE.LINK – Premium Account
    7. ALFAFILE.NET – Join Affiliate Program
    8. HOTLINK.CC – Hotlink Premium Account, Join Affiliates
    11. FILE.AL
    12. FILESPACE.COM – Premium  , Filespace Affiliate
    13. XUBSTER.COM –  Join
    14. FLORENFILE.COM – Join Now !
    15. EX-LOAD.COM
    16. FLASHBIT.CC – Join
    17. DAOFILE.COM – Join
    18. NELION.ME – Join
    20. FILEUPLOADER.PRO – under construction

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