Top 15 Filehost Sites 2019

Top 15 Filehost Sites 2019

We hope you enjoy our top file hosting sites list for 2019. We did a lot of research to find the greatest sites, and poured a lot of work into finding the latest metrics to make your decision easier and to rank them accordingly. While some sites made it back into the list from last year, some of the new intriguing entries this year (like SimFileShare) are really cool.

SaberCatHost is the winner of the Top 15 Filehost Sites 2019. It is very easy to use, fast page speed, dfast uploads and downloads, affordable Premium upgrade prices, and unlimited storage for their Premium and Business accounts. Both the Premium and Business plans also allow you to have unlimted bandwidth – this means that unlimited people can upload or download your files without any restrictions. Review

The files size is at the top of all the sites, with the Premium allowing up to 10GB files and the Business plan allowing up to 30GB, which is the highest of all the sites we could find. You can create folders for sorting your files, there are statistics pages to track your files upload and downloads, and you can even earn money by uploading and sharing your files.

Home Page of SaberCatHost

Creating an account is very simple, you can either use email or you can use Facebook or Twitter to sign up and sign in with 1 click. Support is also very good, we sent in some support requests and questions and got back quick answers that were very friendly and helpful. Contrast this to some other file hosting sites where we couldn’t even get a response at all (i.e. ShareFile).

SaberCatHost Filehost Admin Panel

Moreover, the site works on both desktop and mobile devices seamlessly. With a beautiful design, fast speeds, user-friendly interface, and excellent support, as well as end-to-end encryption and SSL for security, SaberCatHost is the best file hosting site for 2018-2019 and we highly recommend it – especially for Premium or Business plans. Review

A relative newcomer, this unique niche-based document-hosting site allows users to upload their documentation without fear. Home Page Picture

This is a great and interesting niche, as documentation is something that is very needed, and this site will only let you upload documentation and nothing else. Filehost Admin Panel Picture

Very clever! It has a business upgrade plan but it is rather expensive.

Review of

VIVO is a cool new addition to the file hosting scene. A niche video site, it even allows you to earn money from uploading and sharing your videos, based on video views, presumably through advertising. It pays close to what YouTube pays.

Picture from Home Page

The benefit is that unlike YouTube which requires you to have 10,000 hours of watch time and other requirements before you could earn a penny, VIVO on the other hand could have earned you some money immediately. The downside is there isn’t a search function, so you can’t browse other user’s videos like on youtube, and you’ll need to do all your own marketing.

Vivo Files Hosting Admin Panel

You can’t use this site for general file hosting and you also can’t upload copyrighted videos to profit off them, but this is a great niche video hosting site that is worth a look, even though there is no Premium or upgrade ability. Review

Openload is a neat new addition to the list. Your files are not permanent and there is no ability to upgrade for larger filesizes or to keep your files for longer, but, it is still a cool new site. Home Page Picture

While the website design looks pretty, there are clearly a few bugs and layout issues, but it may be worth a look for some temporary file storage.

openload Filehost Admin Panel Picture Review

SimFileShare is super awesome! It is definitely not a site for everyone, since you can only upload files for The Sims. I don’t play the sims so we had nothing to upload to test it, but we did create an account it is looks very clean and user friendly.

Still if you play The Sims like millions of other people around the world, this is an amazing new site that will help you store your unique files. Unlike many file hosting sites which don’t like people uploading such a kind of file like game modules, smilies, mods, and other hosted files, etc, Sim File Share allows you to upload any Sims files, although nothing else. Home Page Pic

Other problems for Simmers (people who play the Sims) that are problems with other file hosting sites for this type of file include you can host your files forever without touching them again, old files are never deleted, and end of life guarantee that the site has plans to remain up forever.

You see, in gaming especially on online multiplayer RPG games like The Sims and such, users can create modded content, but they also post these links to the content into the online world. This means to keep the content up forever for everyone, often content which is many years old, then you’ve got to have a very special web host for this.

User generated content is coveted by many members and for serious gamers they never want to lose the ability to access in-game user-generated content. The Sims game does not have a way to upload to their servers, so you have to host elsewhere. This is why this SimFileShare site is so cool and also it is free, which is really needed for many gamers, especially many who are children without money or skills to host files. File Hosting Admin Panel Picture

Pretty cool this site capitalized on a niche. Best of all it is free! There is also no Premium plan. I don’t know how they make their money to run the site. My guess is that they are also Simmers who are using their own site to host sims files and that is how they make their money from in-game purchases. Just a guess though. It may even be run by owners of the Sims themselves, or big fans of the game.

Be sure to type in .net not .com! there is no such site as, only

Zippyshare made the list again! This year they got rid of that bad flash unlike last year. But they haven’t improved mobile usability, so it still looks really bad on your cell phone or tablet. Better open your browser to full screen.

There is no way to upgrade your account, so there is a hard limit of filesizes of 50mb. If you have larger files, look elsewhere. You can upload for up to 30 days, but if the file goes inactive for more than 30 days it is automatically deleted.

Still, for small files which you only need to upload and share temporarily, ZippyShare is one of the best for small temporary files. It is not good for backing up because you’ll lose all your backups very quickly, and you can only upload very small files.

The site is best for quick sharing of a small file over the internet, but that’s it. For this limited usage, however, it is good. If you want to upload bigger files or keep them longer, then this won’t be a good site for you.

4Shared is another dinosaur who’s been around for a long time. Occasionally I go there just to find a random PDF or something. Anyone can upload anything, but copyrighted files are removed of course if they get complaints.

The user interface is a bit clunky, but at least it works on mobile. You can’t download without an account though – although, a limited account is free. This means it could be a tad bit of a hassle to share this file, since everyone who downloads also needs an account.

4Shared is unique in that it is willing to take a risk that most other aren’t, because most others that have taken this risk have been shut down by the government. This risk is the ability to search the site for any files. This is a huge risk for file hosting sites which could offer that capability, but choose not to out of fear of attracting unwanted attention – not to mention making it extremely hard to get approved for any payment processor for upgrades.

4Shared probably gets away with this by promptly responding to DMCA requests – but they also have the same problem with being approved for any credit card processors which is why they have to use third parties to upgrade and it is so expensive to do so.

For example, to upgrade, you either have to buy a gift card from the Dollar General or Subway, in person, and then it is still challenging to get the upgrade done. It’s not something you can do in 5 minutes from home over the internet. And you also can’t do it if you’re overseas or far from a subway or dollar general. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s because no banks will approve a payment processor for a file sharing site – only a file hosting site. On the other hand, you also have the option to go through a 3rd party reseller.

The difference is that a file sharing site means that it is intended not just for storage but also for sharing. The problem is that the ability to search the site for files attracts pirates, and that is why banks are unwilling to take the risk – because banks, too, have to worry about the long arm of the government. Banks actually have very strict rules, so this is why 4Shared is unable to accept credit cards and has a somewhat ridiculous upgrade process. It is also why the upgrade membership is so expensive.

It’s a nice service to have, and it’s good someone has it, but sadly, our world isn’t a good one for allowing the freedom of sharing information. Information sharing is strictly regulated in most of the developed world by governments. Many people have gotten in big trouble over this.

Just look at KimDotCom who the government is still trying to arrest for Megaupload which was notorious for pirates and pirated movie streaming. He now lives in exile on an island in New Zealand just out of reach of the authorities trying to lock him up. He is banned from entering the U.S. or several other major countries and he still has millions in assets which was seized by the government.

Recently, the KimDotCom appealed again to the New Zealand courts to prevent being extradited to the U.S. to face charges for copyright infringement and fraud. What will happen to him? Who knows, it’s up in the air at this point. I for one am hopeful that he will win and successfully sue the governments for the 6.8 billion in damages that he is seeking. His lawyer Ira Rothken seems hopeful as he told Reuters on July 4, 2018, “We think that ultimately Kim Dotcom will prevail.”

Anyway, long story short, file sharing is a big concern in today’s day and age – especially in the file hosting world. Most companies are, rightly, too fearful to attract unwanted attention to risk posting a search function, even though, by my research, I learned that several of these sites have a search ability developed but decided not to activate it for the above reasons.

Hightail is a neat file hosting site. It does have a limited free account this year, not just a free trial. They have done some improvements in their business model, but the site is still more geared toward internal businesses than the public-facing general internet users.

It won’t be easy to use this site simply to share a file with a friend, for example, but it could be used to share files across a larger corporation internally. The price to do so, however, is quite expensive, one of the more expensive of the group.

It is a bit unique, and unlike other sites. This could be both good and bad. Good because it’s neat to have something niche and unique, but bad because it could make it more difficult to use, since it doesn’t follow the traditional format. For example, their Spaces function is unusual. Their dark theme is cool though.

Egnyte seems to have a similar business model to hightail, and appears to be a close competitor. Like hightail, it seems more geared to internal business usage than general internet users. There is no free account, but there is a free trial. But, the price for an account is quite hefty. Only serious people are going to want to upgrade to use this service.

Moreover, there is no unlimited ability, only limited file sizes and limited storage space. Still, it is neat to have a generally good-looking and business-oriented professional file hosting site. Very few users will want to use this, but those business users who do might like it.

More users have visited since last year, surprisingly due to the lack of a free account and expensive plans. Maybe less actually converted to an account than visited. It probably has a lower conversion rate without a free plan to try it.

Dropsend is one of the more generic choices. The free version allows you to share a file only 5 times per month, although they can be larger than most free accounts. So, if you have a one-off file you need to share only once or twice, Dropsend might be a good choice.

Their user interface is rather generic, and hasn’t changed at all in the 4 years that we have been reviewing file hosting sites. It seems they are simply running on autopilot at this point, with no plans for innovation or adapting to our ever-changing world. This might be fine for a limited userbase, but it will exclude many future users.

The Premium plan is either 5 or 9 per month but there is no unlimited plan. It is really very expensive, because this gives you only 15 or 75 “sends” per month – that is, even with the Premium plan, you are restricted to only a handful of file shares per month. This is not going to be sufficient for most uses, except very limited person-to-person shares, which is not the common use for file hosting sites.

This site isn’t really useful for long-term storage or backup. Even with the top plan, you only get a maximum of 10GB of storage per month, which is inadequate. Still, for the very limited usage of one-off sends of large files, DropSend might be useful.

iDrive is another site that is rather generic and limited in its usefulness. Their plan offerings are somewhat confusing to the regular user. While up to 2TB are possible for the Personal plan, only 250GB are allowed on the more expensive Business plan. The reason for this is because the Personal plan is very restricted.

While there is no unlimited plan, you can get terabytes of business usage, but you are going to pay insane prices for it – literally thousands of dollars per year. This is way too expensive, and other file hosting sites are much better for a fraction of the cost.

For the free plan, while the user interface is a bit generic and outdated, it does offer 5GB for free. But if you want to upgrade, it would probably be better to chose another, way less expensive file hosting provider.

WeTransfer has been around for awhile now. It is a limited usage site, and you cannot store or backup any files to this site. It is intended purely for sharing individual files. You can send up to 2GB for free, one at a time, and the files expire automatically.

The Premium service is really quite expensive, considering that the main benefit is a little bit larger file sizes. On the other hand, Premium does allow a little bit of storage space where you can save your files, but not much by modern standards.

There are other sites which offer far more or unlimited storage space for the same or better price, so WeTransfer is mainly good just for one-off file shares that expire after a short time frame.

OpenDrive is a nice looking site. It does offer unlimited uploading and sharing, unlike many file sharing websites. The Free version gets just 5GB of storage space, but the Premium gets unlimited. However, it is expensive, almost twice as much as SaberCatHost while offering a similar service, for example.

Also, Openload’s Business plan is super-expensive. Their Enterprise plan is so high they won’t even list the price and want you to call for it. This usually means it will probably be thousands per month, or very high prices.

If you want to pay the higher price, Openload is pretty good; although, their site and layout are a little bit buggy. It looks nice though. The blue color scheme is attractive. But color alone shouldn’t be a factor in whether or not you will use a site. You decide.

OpenDrive is a nice looking site. It does offer unlimited uploading and sharing, unlike many file sharing websites. The Free version gets just 5GB of storage space, but the Premium gets unlimited. However, it is expensive, almost twice as much as SaberCatHost while offering a similar service, for example.

Also, Openload’s Business plan is super-expensive. Their Enterprise plan is so high they won’t even list the price and want you to call for it. This usually means it will probably be thousands per month, or very high prices.

If you want to pay the higher price, Openload is pretty good; although, their site and layout are a little bit buggy. It looks nice though. The blue color scheme is attractive. But color alone shouldn’t be a factor in whether or not you will use a site. You decide.

I don’t know what it is, but that green hummingbird logo looks so cool. Anyway, SugarSync is another file hosting site which is geared toward business users. It does not have a free account, but does have a free trial. Unfortunately, we were never contacted with our free trial account after a whole month so we couldn’t even test it out.

We had to get the admin page from simply the picture of it posted on their home page. Their plans are also quite expensive. 250GB for $10 per month is much higher than most other sites. The one differentiating thing is that “unlike dropbox, you can back up your existing folder structure”. Unfortunately, you pay a lot for this benefit. For many users, the price may not be worth the feature, but it is cool. And that green hummingbird logo looks so cool. Makes me think of a cute hummingbird drinking some sweet sugar juice.

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