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File hosts are becoming pretty damn big in this day and age. I remember when the Internet first started out and the concept would have been ridiculous – how on Earth could you transfer huge amounts of data to multiple people without some complicated structured FTP access-type nonsense?

Well those days are long since over and FileFactory is one such destination that allows you to upload any number of files you want directly to their archive. It functions pretty much the same as any other file host, and I’m hoping if you’re reading this, you already have a rough idea of how they operate.

File Factory comes with a unique function in that it allows you to stream content and for just $13 for 30 days, you get unlimited downloads, unlimited speeds and the ability to resume your downloads half-way through. So whether you’re planning to upload or download content from File Factory, you’ll get what you need right here.

FileFactory Premium accounts have the following benefits:
  • No wait time between downloads
  • Unlimited download speeds
  • Download multiple files at once
  • Resume broken downloads with a download manager
  • Your files are not removed automatically to free up space
  • You can share files with your friends or family using TrafficShare
  • No annoying ads
  • Plus better quality support Affiliate Program

Pay Per Sale

You can earn 90% of all sales and 50% of recurring payments for all files or referrals (session based)

Pay Per Download

Earn the following rates per 1,000 downloads!

Pay Per Download Rules

The following outlines what qualifies as a download:

  • Downloads by Free members / Anonymous users
    One download per file per IP per 24 hour period.

    For example, if a free member or anonymous user downloads five of your files in a 24 hour period, 5 downloads will qualify. If they download the same file five times in a 24 hour period, only one download will qualify.

  • Downloads by Premium Members
    One download per member per 24 hour period.

    For example, if a Premium member downloads five of your files in a 24 hour period, only one download will qualify for rewards. If five Premium members download one (or more) of your files in a 24 hour period, 5 downloads will qualify.

  • No downloads of your own files while logged into your account will qualify

Country Groups

  • Group A  —  USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
  • Group B  —  France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Finland, Norway
  • Group C  —  Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, Israel, Czech Republic, Singapore, Cyprus, Mauritius, Hong Kong
  • Group D  —  All other countries Affiliate Program

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