Ex-load.com Premium Account and Affiliate Program

ex-load.com premium account

What is ex-load.com?

As we talk about online storage solutions, Ex-load was one of the first online storage providers. They offer cloud storage services that are free, but they also have a premium account that has a number of features which users can find very helpful. With Ex-load, you could share, store, and even manage your files in their system. Best of all, you can easily access these files wherever you are.

You can compare Ex-load to an external hard drive, but it’s available online. Which means anyone can access it– as long as you’ll provide them the link.

We live in a digital world where almost everyone of us owns a computer, mobile phone, and other technological devices imaginable. That means it’s also important to look for ways on how we can store important information that we collect using this device. Although using a physical hard drive is alright, if we talk about convenience, nothing would be better than being able to store it online, as it would be readily available whenever and wherever you are. Thanks to cloud storage solutions, you could share files and access them from any device– as long as you have an Internet connection. How wonderful is that?

Not just that, you can also back up files in a remote situation. This is very ideal, especially if you’re in a rush and you want to be able to access your files right away. Best of all, you wouldn’t have to worry about your hardware getting damaged, or your files getting corrupted as they’ll be readily available as long as you have the link.


The only issue with most online file storage providers out there is that it can be difficult to choose which one is the best. Of course, they’re going to make it sound like you’re getting the best deals from them, but the truth is, they’re just trying to give you false promises, and there’s a lot of issues regarding limitations, service, ease of use, etc. This is what makes Ex-load different. They try to be as real as possible, without giving false promises to their users.

The Benefits of Using an Ex-load.com premium account

Despite that, there are a lot of cloud storage solutions out there, like what has been mentioned earlier, not all are capable of delivering the results you want. This is what makes Ex-load better than its competitors. With this platform, you’ll be able to store almost all kinds of data as long as it’s not violating their terms of use. Aside from that, they are also known for the easy to use web interface that gives its user instant access to all data stored in the account ranging from documents, photos, videos, contact information, music, sites, and the list goes on. That also means with an ex-load account, you’ll be getting a number of solutions that would meet your needs– whatever they are. You’ll also be having the privilege to access these data right there and then. No need to worry about your files getting corrupted, or your computer suddenly crashing. Rest assured that you’ll have your backup ready and it would be safe at all times.

Aside from that, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from an ex-load premium account:

  • You could upload files, even if it’s 10 GB big
  • With the unlimited cloud storage, you’ll have more than enough to store your files
  • There’s an extended amount of bandwidth that you wouldn’t have to go through the ads just to be able to download files
  • You’ll be able to download anything you want without having to wait, or watch ads
  • To ensure optimum privacy, you have the option to set passwords and only give it to those whom you want to access your files
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your Internet connection in the middle of downloading your files, because you can always resume where you left off.


How to Use Ex-load.com Premium

Since Ex-load is quite flexible, you really don’t have to worry about anything at all. That means as long as you have an internet connection, you can use their service conveniently. Best of all, it works with almost all operating system and web browser. Regarding the type of file you are allowed to upload, the good news is you can upload almost anything, as long as it complies with the terms of use, and you have enough space on your account.

After which, you can share these files with anyone as long as you provide the URL link. By doing so, they’ll be able to access your files without any problems at all. However, to ensure the security of its users, these files aren’t accessible if you do not have the download link. It’s also perfect for commercial use because you can share it with a number of people as there are no limits on how many people are allowed to access the site. As for the transfer speed, this would depend on your Internet connection. That means if you have a stable connection, then you’ll definitely be able to upload and download files without much problem at all. Ex-load uses 128 bit encryption of data transfer, and that’s the strongest you can get at the moment. With this kind of encryption, even identity thieves wouldn’t be able to access your files. Rest assured that you’ll be the only only to access these files.

Premium Packages

There’s a lot for you to enjoy with an ex-load account. One of which is that, you’ll be having unlimited storage space, and if necessary, you can request for a custom plan if you need something bigger than that.


Of course, just like any other storage solutions, you’ll need to have an Internet connection in order to download or upload files.

Affiliate Program

There’s no denying that Ex-load is probably one of the best online cloud storage solutions out there. Aside from having the ability to upload large amounts of data, your security is guaranteed, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your files getting lost, stolen, or damaged.



Affiliate Program

For webmasters available the following tools:
– Upload from the browser.​
– Remote upload.​
– Upload from FTP.​
– Direct copying of links Ex-Load.com in your account.​
– Desktop File Manager.​
Storage Space – unlimited​
– For registered users term file storage be 40 days from the last download.​
– For Premium users term file storage be 90 days from the last download.​
– Max Upload File Size: 10GB – for registered users​
– Max Upload File Size: Unlimited – for Premium users​
– Free Download Speed: 30-50 Kbytes/sec​
– Premium Download Speed: unlimited 
Receiving payments from all countries around the world: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB), Webmoney, Liqpay (Visa, MasterCard), OKpay (Ukash, Sofort, CashU, DaoPay, Fortumo, Bitcoin, W1, EasyPay, Qiwi, B-Pay), SMS.​
Under the terms of the Affiliate Program your earnings will be: 
– 60% of the premium sales and 60% of further extensions Premium (Renewal). Provided that the extension does not happen on the Premium file another partner.​
– Site owners will receive 10% of the sales of premium sales on your sites.​
– Under the terms of the referral program, you will receive 5% of the income of each user registered under your referral link. Each link to your file is your referral link.​
– Payment of earnings made on WMZ purse payment system Webmoney and Liberty Reserve USD purse.​
Number purse is entered on the page “My Account” in the section “Webmaster”​
Minimum payout is $10. Payments are made once a week on request.​
Order the earned money can be on the page “My Account” in the section “Information.”​
Ex-load.com Premium

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